Trustpilot Reviews. Making it easier for you to leave your opinion.

Part of the decision to provision a service is always based around the historic performance and reviews of a company. From time to time, we may all get some bad press. How do you deal with it?

Many moons ago, companies used ‘Tick Sheets’ for feedback. The sad thing is, some are still using this today. Can you honestly say you would boast confidence in a service that does not show all reviews publicly? We certainly would not.

This is why we have always believed in open and honest feedback. Not pressuring the learners to complete a ‘Check Sheet’ as soon as they finish training. We give them the information to leave honest feedback, in their own time.

We currently have over 200 reviews on Facebook alone. Check them out:

This shows our commitment and dedication to your learning. This empowers you to be able to be open with us and shows that we will address any concerns. Sometimes, negative reviews do happen. They should be seen as a positive. That gives a way to improve.

With other methods, negative reviews can be screened and rejected – or in the case of ‘Check Sheets’ they can go missing.

Would you prefer a service that still operates in an antiquated way? Move with the times and see why we are becoming the provider of choice for many Health & Social Care settings around the UK.