Teaching the next generations

White’s Training Services are true believers towards a society where everybody would be in a position to help someone in need. This is why we have created our own Junior Lifesaver Framework.

As part of our community based giving back services, we have partnered with Watton Westfield Infant and Primary School, to deliver the Junior Lifesavers Training to all the children in the following years:

  • Reception
  • Year 1
  • Year 2

We believe that most children are like sponges with learning, when it comes to fun, engaging and stimulating teaching. This is why we designed the course to be fully practical led, with songs, scenarios and role-play.

The children were able to learn some of the following amazing skills:

  • Management of a Cut or Graze
  • Management of a Burn
  • Management of a Break or Dislocation
  • Management of a fall from height
  • Management of Choking (Self and another person)
  • Management of Unresponsive and Not Breathing Casualty
  • The importance of not catching bugs and infections

The children manage to learn and recite the information whilst having fun. All children are continually assessed throughout the process and this enables the trainer and child to benefit from the reassurance and guidance to deliver the learned skills effectively.

Although we did not take registers, due to safeguarding and consent. We estimate that the course was delivered to over 200 children. That’s right. Over 200 Children in 1 Town (Watton), that are now one-day primed to assist and save a life.