Skills for Care Endorsement

We are proud to announce that we are endorsed.

Well done to our Amazing team, who have worked tirelessly to get us the recognition that our clients felt we deserved. That’s right, we are talking about the Skills for Care Endorsement. We felt that applying for endorsement was the next logical step towards demonstrating our commitment to our clients, learners and the development process for them in Health & Social Care.

As we embarked on the highly du-diligent process, we also managed to learn as a company. Although, it is sometimes hard to place into writing, how much support and dedication goes into an individuals learning.

For example: One service that we support, has a high percentage of staff with hearing impairments. This means that a lot of interworking communication has to be done through BSL. During training, we have adapted to this and worked with interpreters from the RAD (Royal Association of the Death). Equally, we have printed paperwork in different styles to help learners with dyslexia. We have done evening based Training Sessions, to stop the impact of staffing for Day Centres and other Services.

As a company, we continually look for ways to improve. We are happy to announce that 98% of our ever growing client list would recommend us to another service. We also have an extremely high staff retention rate, due to the satisfaction and support they all get in working practice, also towards their individual goals and Learning Plans. We make sure our team have the tools and regular training to make sure your learning is kept fun, engaging, stimulating and most of all, the information is retained.

Once again, Thank you to all of the team at White’s Training Services. The organisation would not be the same if it was not for you all. 

Jack White – Chief Executive Officer

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